Written by: Enitan Agidee of the Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan in London.

This articule is to encourage parents to take better care of their little one’s hair.

I have been able to retain my 6-year-old daughter’s hair to tailbone length hair with the aid of great techniques and healthy hair care.

What exactly does great technique mean, you ask? Her hair is VERY dry as you can see more clearly on the ends of her hair in the Nov 2013 pic in comparison to a more moisturized and hydrated longer strands 3 months later.


You can see no curl pattern on her hair when it’s dried out so moisturizing with water really helps to keep her hair hydrated.

I remember when she was much younger about 18 months old and way before I had acquired any knowledge on hair, I would always wet her hair before putting it in cornrows or in the typical puff puff style etc. I knew when it was wet/damp her wailing stopped but what I didn’t know, was why?

Fast forward 2 or so years later when I got curious about taking care of my own hair. I then implemented some of the techniques on her natural hair. And one of the things that were an absolute must for her natural hair was combing/cornrowing her hair when it was damp, this was because the bond chains that held her natural hair together were loosened and mouldable when wet…. Voila! It now all became clear.

To support the comb gliding through her hair with more ease, I apply naked style little miracle leave in conditioner (approx. 2000 Naira) because it gave her natural hair tremendous slip. I usually stock up 12 of these at go and ensure I never have less that 2 at any given time.


It was because of this early realisation that her cuticles were smoother and flatter when damp (although, I didn’t realise what was happening at the time) with water and a good leave in conditioner Morayo (my Daughter) at almost 7 years old has never had her hair blow-dried.

As I was writing this I wondered if she even knew what a blow dryer was, so I asked her,

“Morayoooo??? ,I called out to her.

“Yes yes Mummy??? she replied.

“Do you know what this is???? I asked pointing to a blow dryer.

“Hmmmm, no.??? She answered. ??? Oh! A blow dryer!???She said.

So much for my theory on that. Lol.

Another thing that has really helped is ensuring that I use a tangle tweezer or a large comb on her hair while its damp. Doing this prevents breakage.


One of the most surprising products I have come across for her hair is a pre wash butter that I received in package from Motions as they asked me to do a review for them on a few things some time ago.

I was very skeptical to be honest because the ingredients in most Motions products aren’t ones I consider healthy in my opinion. However, as this was new natural hair range I gave it a try for the review and was shocked!. The pre wash butter was surprisingly so good in sliding away knots and tangles in her hair that I really wanted them to send me more for free but I respected myself and got some from the stores (approx 2000naira).


That being said it’s important you understand these products will not help hair grow. They are designed to help retain length and give moisture. For example if the product has effort slip I wouldn’t have to yank a knot of her hair. The yanking leads to breakage and the breakage means your hair remains at the same length months.

Great techniques and a solid regime are the fundamental skills needed to ensure healthy, strong hair, which by default will result in very long lush hair.

For the parents who may have already texturized/relaxed their little one’s hair it doesn’t mean their hair can’t flourish again… absolutely can! You just have to make the decision to either return her hair back to its natural state or make an effort to care for their now chemically treated hair. Start educating yourself how to care for her hair.

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Till next time xoxoxoxoox


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