Anti-Aging: Why You Should Start Now…..

When it comes to a woman’s beauty, the appearance of aging is a huge concern amongst the majority. I know some friends of mine struggle with fine lines already and they really are not happy about it, just like a lot of you. But there are many things you can do in order to prevent the early signs of aging and even things you can do to slow down the inevitable. Thankfully I had someone that told me early the things to do and I’ll like to share some with you.

When should you start aging prevention?

This is something that is fairly unknown to many people but slathering moisturizing creams and lotions and scrubs on your face when you already have wrinkles won’t do a whole lot to reduce them. That’s why you should never wait until you’re past the point of wrinkles before doing something about them.

That’s right! You should be preventing aging at the very LEAST by age 28. At this age, your skin is still young enough and supple to not have the unattractive effects of fine lines and wrinkles. Preventing aging is all about preserving your youthful glow and moisture. Although 28 is the latest age you should be beginning any anti-aging regimen, starting even younger will work better in making sure that those wrinkles stay away for much longer!

What causes signs of aging, you ask?

There are actually many different elements in our environment that affect the way our skin matures. Not only are there outside influences, but genetics also plays a large role in this, as well.

Dryness – The main thing that causes signs of aging is dryness. Many people have over dry skin and they don’t even know it! Especially people with oily skin. Although it may sound strange that oily skin can be dry, most of the oils you see on the surface is overcompensation for the dryness of your skin.

The Fix – Keep your skin moisturized as best as you can. Always apply a moisturizer after washing your face (and toning) in order to reverse the dryness of your cleanser. I know first-hand that whenever my skin even gets water on it that it feels tight and dry afterwards. Locking in moisture not only keeps your skin looking supple, but it also helps your skin cells rejuvenate themselves.

Harsh Chemicals – Unfortunately, many of the harsh chemicals that are in cleansers nowadays do a number in the health of your skin – and not in a good way! These chemicals often strip your face of its natural oils that are used in preventing wrinkles and leave it dry and damaged!

The Fix – Some chemicals are absolutely beneficial for your skin, I’ll be the first to tell you that. But what I’ve found works best is using products that are mostly natural and only use chemicals that are designed for a specific purpose. Like anti-aging! For me Retinol is my go to ingredient in any anti aging product.

Smoking – This is also a really big part of early aging in many women. The amount of toxins found in cigarettes can cause so many wrinkles that it’s really no surprise many young women are looking so much older when they smoke.

The Fix – Quit! It’s as simple as that.

Alcohol – As much as we all love our wine nights, alcohol has a big impact on your aging signs. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating, and hydration is so important in keeping your skin younger-looking.

The Fix – Keep your drinking under control. I’m definitely not saying stop drinking altogether because let’s be real, that’s just not going to happen! Limiting yourself to only drinking a few glasses a week and only drink in excess every once in a while will ensure that alcohol will have little effect on the aging of your skin.

The Sun – Although you probably are aware of this already, the sun can cause early signs of aging. When you get sun burnt, it causes your skin to work hard in order to protect itself – which eventually wares down your protective barrier. Not only that, but it also dries out your skin.

The Fix – avoiding the sun is just not an option, clearly. The best way to prevent this kind of damage is to wear SPF on your face every day. Yes I wear sunscreen every single day of my life and nothing less than spf50

So what about treating your signs of aging?

Some of us weren’t so lucky to be informed this much about anti-aging when we were younger and may have committed some of the above skin crimes. This may leave your skin less than young and fresh-looking now. But luckily, there are ways to treat and reduce the appearance of your aging and I’m here to tell you how!

Moisturize – The best way to really combat your wrinkles is to moisturize your skin. And I’m not just talking about topically, either. Moisture starts from within. Drinking two liters of water a day will work miracles on your skin and you’ll notice a difference within a week!

Face Masks – Face masks that are meant to tone and firm your skin are a great option. One mask that I’ve found to work particularly well is an egg white mask with lemon. Mix together the egg whites in a bowl and add lemon juice then apply a thin layer to your face. Once dry (it’ll feel tight) just rinse off with Luke-warm water. The egg will firm your skin and the lemon will give you a bright, radiant youthful glow!

Exfoliation: Manual and Chemical – Another way to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines is by exfoliating. You can either exfoliate manually or chemically. The difference is that manual exfoliation has to do with literally scrubbing dead skin cells off your face with a facial scrub and chemical exfoliation is when you use products that contain certain kinds of acids like Glycolic that break down dead skin cells and leave you with a glow.

So guys make sure you take this thing seriously and start early to slow down the process of aging so when you are in your 50’s+ you can be living proof that ‘Age aint nothing but a number’.

Till next time!

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