A big concern for some people (not everyone though!) is how to prevent summer sun spots and pigmentation that appear during the hottest months of the year(especially those travelling to really hot countries this summer). Keeping the skin even-toned can be a challenge, especially from the heat, these skin care tips can make a huge difference.

Wear sunscreen

I know this is stating the obvious, but exposing your skin to the sun will bring out sun spots and pigmentation. If you are serious in your quest to prevent this, you have to apply more than you think you need. Protecting your skin from the sun has much more to do with how much you apply than it does to the SPF number listed on the bottle, so you really must load it on. And reapply every 90 mins if you are outside for long periods of time.

Limit exposure to both heat and sun.

Did you know that the heat given off from the sun will stimulate melanin activity, resulting in discolouration on the skin? This means that no matter how diligent you are about re-applying sunscreen, wearing a hat and staying in the shade, you still may not be able to avoid pigment from forming. If you can, avoid being in direct sunlight from 10am – 4pm which are the hottest hours of the day if you want to prevent summer sun spots.

Don’t lessen your acid exfoliation in the summer.

One of the keys to managing skin discolouration that can easily appear during the hot summer months is to keep exfoliating regularly. This can be with acids, at-home peels, gentle facial scrubs and clarasonic cleansing brushes. However, people get worried about doing so when spending more time outdoors since some exfoliating acids (like AHA’s) and retinol can make the skin slightly more sensitive. Guess what as long as you are not deliberately trying to get a tan. You should continue using your exfoliators.

Don’t cut back on using retinol in the summer.

Same goes for using retinol(at night), you’ll want to keep using it all summer long. If your goal is to prevent summer pigmentation, this will be very effective for doing so. With continued use, retinol slowly delivers incredible smoothing and resurfacing results while keeping pigment cells under control

Use a natural skin brightener daily under sunscreen.

In addition to exfoliants and retinol, applying a skin brightener daily to the skin will dramatically help suppress melanin cells to fade and prevent summer sun spots. Many skin-brightening products contain the ingredient hydroquinone, which is known to be a fairly controversial ingredient. If you want to use something more natural, I suggest using a cream light the YOUSKIN lightening face cream as it is a proven skin lightener and can make a big difference in keeping the skin even-toned

Consider wearing a hat

Protecting your skin by wearing a hat when outdoors is always a smart idea.

PS this is for people that care about tanning oh, and remember I am not saying if you do all these you are guaranteed to stay the same, I am just saying all this should help.