This is one topic that most women like to shy away from, like an elephant in the room no one wants to discuss or accept that unwanted facial hair can be a big problem.

I struggled with facial hair (on my chin) and I hated it. Apparently most women have facial hair (vellus hairs), which are fine, short and almost indiscernible to the naked eye. They go through the same cycles of growth, transition and rest as any other hair on the body but never grow past a certain length or circumference.

My facial hair was easily noticeable because of my complexion (such problems are worse when you are fair skinned) and in my attempt to find a quick fix, it only got worse. I tweezed them to no end and even tried waxing them away. But those unwanted facial hairs continued to sprout causing what seemed like an endless battle with in-grown hairs, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots on my chin.

Why all the embarrassing stray hairs I ask? For some women, it’s just a normal variant, it’s hereditary or runs in the family, and for others its often caused by hormonal changes. When estrogen is the predominant hormone, facial hairs remain in their vellus form, however when androgen levels increase, vellus hairs can become terminal. This means that male sex hormones cause a pattern of facial hair growth more similar to a man. The hairs on the face become coarse, thick and more noticeable.

I just remembered people always saying to me its an “Ibo??? thing and I just always laughed, like do we have to bring tribe into this…. seriously I am sure a lot of people can relate to this. Eventually after trying everything, a friend of mine told me about laser hair removal. At first I was really hesitant until I saw her results. I went for it and after the first two treatments there was some improvement, now after about 6 treatments I have no ingrowing hair and my chin is free and clear.

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods of eliminating facial hair growth for good. If you are a woman who is not suffering from hormonal imbalance you could see a reduction of about 80% after a series of 5 to 8 treatments like I did. Depending on other factors some may need more than 8 sessions before they get drastic results.

I have met women that suffer from this and a lot of them don’t know that they can do something about it. There are people that don’t care and that’s fair but this post is for anyone that has been looking for a more permanent solution. And the most exciting of all is that the services are available in Lagos. I have used BNatural Spa, Pricilla’s Pride and LaserDerm Clinics.

There are a couple of things you need to consider though. It’s a bit pricey and most places in Lagos charge between 25-35k for the chin area per session, but if your facial hair is that much of a problem, it’s worth every penny. You just have to save for it bearing in mind that you have to wait 6-8weeks between treatments.

Most lasers aren’t designed to treat women with dark complexions so the wrong one could burn your skin. When selecting a facility to perform the procedure, make sure they have the Nd Yag Laser, which is the safest for darker skin types.


  1. Viola says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I saw this on Instagram and decided to read because I want to do something about my facial hair.
    I’m glad that you approached it from a fact perspective and not a sentiment perspective.

    Of all the three spas. Which would you recommend in terms of skill and least likely to burn? 😀


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