YouSkin 30days Acne Kit


NEW! This Acne Kit is a retail-size collection that combines our four best-selling blemish products, a handy step-by-step printed guide into one convenient package. From whiteheads to cysts, scars to pustules, these spot treatments address all blemishes at each stage of the blemish cycle for the quickest visible recovery. In combination, these powerful formulas and step-by-step instructions  will help ease inflammation and reduce scarring after the blemish has healed so you can address breakouts more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Whether you suffer from all-over acne, or just a pimple here and there, you’ll benefit greatly from having this exclusive kit on hand whenever its needed!

Salicylic wash

Brightening Gel with Kojic

Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

Sulphur Mask

1)Sulfur Mask

Medicated masque with 10% Sulfur, purifying Kaolin and Bentonite Clays dries, clears up and helps prevent acne. Designed to exfoliate the skin’s surface with natural Sulfur at the maximum OTC level, absorb excess oil and help purify clogged pores. Soothes and calms the appearance of skin with Aloe Vera.

2)Acne Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

A gel formulated for the treatment of acne to exfoliate dead skin and fight bacteria. This gel has a strength of  10%  to treat a variety of skin care needs. Benzoyl peroxide is good for severe acne and also for acne on the back and chest. If skin feels too dry and uncomfortable, follow application with a small amount of Acne Moisture Balance Cream.

3)Brightening Gel with Kojic

Our Brightening Gel is formulated with Kojic Acid. This product is an excellent brightening agent that is formulated to lighten age spots, freckles and pigments in the skin. Avoid sun exposure. Recommended to use this gel at night and sunscreen during the day.

4)Salicylic wash

Clearer-looking skin starts with the right cleanser. This is an effective but gentle face wash specially formulated to address acne-prone or acne-erupted skin. With Salicylic Acid to deep clean and a soothing blend of botanical extracts to help improve the look of troubled skin, our Acne Facial Cleanser leaves skin thoroughly refreshed without stripping it of vital moisture.

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