Acne Aftermath: How to Cover Up The Scars That Are Left Behind



Unless you’ve been blessed with completely immaculate skin, you may have experienced face or body acne at least once in your life, as well as the unsightly scarring that can be left in its wake. Some scars are not that bad, but most people find them to be an annoying reminder of their skin struggles. They can come in different sizes, shapes, and shades, depending on the type of acne and how the person’s skin reacts. Different things can lead to obvious scarring such as picking at pimples and even exposure to sunlight. Luckily with the proper makeup application, scars can, for the most part, be covered.

Prepping the skin for coverage

Your skin should be nourished and moisturized before attempting coverage. products that contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or retin-A are great but they can dry out the skin causing it to flake. on the other hand Lactic Acid and Kojic Acid are great and will strip away dead skin and leave the area exfoliated but without the drying effects. Stick with products that have brightening ingredients, such as Licorice, Gingko Biloba, and Vitamin C, also make sure you always wear sunscreen it’s the best way to protect the skin from more distinct scarring.

Choosing the right shade

It’s important to always choose the right shade of concealer or foundation that match your overall skin tone, and not just the area you are trying to conceal. Testing out shades on your jawline gives you the most tone-accurate area to test. It also prevents you from picking a color much lighter than your neck, If you match the color of the scar, you’re usually left with an area of demarcation or darkness that makes the scarring look more obvious.

Apply Carefully

When deciding on what product to purchase for concealing, dark spots need something that is close to the shade of your foundation. To eradicate the dark pigment, I suggest the fuller coverage of a cream concealer. Cream concealer has a fuller texture but will need to be set with powder so it will last longer. I recommend application using the stippling method on the area you want to cover. For me personally the best concealer i will recommend is the Make up forever 5 camouflage cream palette. Each concealer shade is concentrated in pigments for maximum coverage and its designed to suit all skin types.

4 thoughts on “Acne Aftermath: How to Cover Up The Scars That Are Left Behind

  1. Nenye says:

    Cool blog very insightful, please can you recommend a good moisturizer for me , I’m pregnant and I have acne and seriously it’s driving me crazy plus I need the skin on my face to be smoother

    Please help

    • Nnennaokoye says:

      Hi Nenye, thanks for visiting my blog. i will like to ask what moisturizer you are using at the moment and is your acne pregnancy induced?

  2. Issey Preye says:

    Hello am almost about to give birth anytime from now Am so dark Like u Ghanaian brothers am not original fair person pls can you recommend a skin Care regime to follow haven’t used any for the last 9 months . I want to start afreash get my skin back that I am most confident in.

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