A topical vitamin C serum is an oil-and-water-based cosmetic product that delivers concentrated vitamin C. It offers two major advantages over moisturizers: rapid absorption and deep penetration. These two traits create a distinctive characteristic of serums — their ability to produce results in less time than other products.


What does the serum do?


Acts as an antioxidant – The process of oxidation damages the skin cells. Vitamin C serums are rich in anti-oxidants that repair and renew the cells and give the skin a healthier look.


Helps produce collagen – Collagen binds the cells of our body. Vitamin C serum stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, which will give you a tighter, firmer and less sagged feel. It is a good first-step solution to treat the onset of wrinkles.


Restores and regenerates – Vitamin C attacks the free radicals in your body and does some hardcore damage management. If you have any acne scars left from your previous breakout, you’ll find them fading with regular application.


Brightens Skin: Topical vitamin C serums can brighten age spots and hyper-pigmentation, or discoloration of the skin. The vitamin C serums act as a natural bleaching agent and lighten the skin, including dark circles under the eye. In addition to brightening skin, topical vitamin C serums can prevent mild redness associated with sun damage.


Protects you from the sun – Getting overexposed to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation and sun spotting. A vitamin C serum will counteract any harmful effect of the sun and also decrease the chances of skin cancer by thickening the dermis layer. But it is important to note that a vitamin c serum cannot replace your sunscreen. A sunscreen provides the much-needed SPF protection by shielding the outer layer of the skin while the vitamin c serum acts as a sun barrier from within the skin. You should apply the sunscreen as well as the vitamin C serum before going outside for prolonged periods of time.


How to apply it.


After you’ve chosen a vitamin C serum, it is important that you use it right. Correct method of application will definitely increase the effectiveness of the cream.


  • After washing your face start by applying the serum to your face and neck.


  • Let it dry for some time and then apply a moisturizer, if possible use one with a sunscreen in it. It is important that you use the serum before moisturizing and not after. This is because the serum is easily absorbed into the skin, while moisturizers work on the surface. If you use the moisturizer first, your skin will not be able to absorb the vitamin c serum.


  • Vitamin C serums are oil free preparations that are perfect for balancing oily skin by exfoliating naturally. Because of its exfoliating properties, it is a good idea to follow up a vitamin c serum application with a moisturizer, especially if you have sensitive skin.



The biggest disadvantage of a vitamin C serum is its instability. Light and air can denature the active ingredients and render them useless. For this reason, I recommend using topical vitamin C serums that are packaged in opaque or airtight containers. Also, be aware that products labeled with vitamin C as an ingredient may not have active vitamin C. Check the ingredient label before you buy the product.



Lastly, after purchasing the serum, it’s a good idea to keep it refrigerated. This will keep the serum from oxidizing too quickly, Vitamin C is a Major Key to Skin Success!!!!




7 Signs Your Skin Care Routine Needs To Be Changed..

Hi guys, so its been a minute but I am back again with my skincare banter. I am talking about this because during the course of my work I have encountered a lot of these issues, and here are 7 things I can think of from the top of my head that people deal with daily but are not sure how to handle, I hope this helps someone out there.


While skin issues can be linked to all manner of reasons hormones, diet, stress, etc. Sometimes all it takes to set things straight is a change in your skin care routine. Take a look at the following signs to see if your skin is a prime candidate for a product transition.


  1. Your breakouts worsen after treatment.

If you’ve recently started a topical course of acne treatment and your skin gets worse, the active ingredient in your product may be too active for you right now. If you have never used a product with Glycolic acid, Vitamin A or Vitamin C before, the skin in most cases needs to adjust to the extra strength. Once it detoxifies the skin, it will calm down. Reducing the use of the active product to every other night will usually help this, what I mean is allowing your skin to adjust gradually.


  1. Your dry skin is excessively dry.

If you’re cleansing your dry skin with a creamy cleanser, but it’s getting worse instead of better, you could have a double drying issue. The problem with some creamy cleansers is that they’re not exfoliating, nor do they contain natural oils to help replenish dry skin with lipids. Switch to a cleanser that contains more oil, or add a pre-wash that contains Argan oil, lipid oil or nut oil.


  1. Your oily skin is excessively dry.

It may sound like a Joke, but oily skin that flakes and feels tight and dry is actually a pretty common occurrence. People with oily skin tend to use cleansers and toners that are over stripping to the skin, causing the acid mantle to become unbalanced. This causes the body to produce even more oil to balance things out and making things worse. Switch to a cleanser that is less drying, preferably one with Glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin and remove the oil.” A hydrating serum like hyaluronic serum should also help.


  1. You have new freckles.

Trust me I have seen a lot of girls in Nigeria with freckles. Some may be hereditary, others hormones but if you just get it randomly then its actually hyper pigmentation due to sun damage. And the issue may be your sunscreen (or lack of it). Many people underestimate the importance of using a daily sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Switch to a formula that covers both types of rays, or increase the SPF if the product you use now already protects against both. To work on brown spots during your product transition, try incorporating products that have higher concentrations of Peptides and/or Kojic acid ingredients.


  1. Your skin is super red.

This is more prevalent in light skinned girls, while some of them may just have a natural blush and there is nothing to it, most times if your skin has an angry shade of red its an indication that something in your product ingredient list may be too harsh for your skin. Cleansers that contain sulphates or benzoyl peroxide are common culprits, so review the list of ingredients and switch to one that is free of both.


6.   Your skin stings or itches.

If your skin begins to sting, itch or appear blotchy, it may be the victim of over exfoliation. “These days there are so many exfoliation products that are used daily as opposed to weekly. When you strip the acid mantle, you remove the protective layer of your skin, which makes you more prone to photosensitization. Switch to a product that’s gentler on the skin and follow the directions religiously. If it says use once a week, then once a week is all it will take to achieve the best results.


  1. Your skin has tiny bumps.

Do you have small, white bumps on the surface of your skin? This is the No 1 indication of an allergic reaction. These types of bumps are very tiny, do not resemble whiteheads and may be accompanied by redness. For the first step, try using

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without so many chemicals in them. Look for products that have natural ingredients and are fragrance-free. To ease the transition, apply calming ingredients such as aloe vera or honey.

5 Must Have Products In My Makeup Bag!!!

I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder. I’m always trying new things, and I fall for amazing product reviews pretty easily. It’s just a bad habit!

However, I do have products that I consistently use and will repurchase over and over again. The five beauty products listed below are the ones I’ve been using for a while, and they have never failed me. Some are high-end and others are just regular brands, but they’re all my must-haves at the moment. Read on to learn what they are.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

  IMG_0235 1 

This is my absolute favorite brow pencil. I’ve tried other ones, but this one by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a winner. My brows are dark brown, very full and thick so I always have to make sure my brow pencil matches my brow color or at least close to it. The Dark brown shade of this pencil is perfect for me because it allows me outline and shape my eyebrows without giving me a harsh look.

The pencil tip is super-small and very precise; every stroke looks like an eyebrow hair, and it makes my brows look more natural. The small spoolie brush on the other end is great too, because it’s the perfect size for eyebrows.

If you’re someone that fills in or outline your eyebrows almost every day, I recommend trying out this product.


Wet & Wild comfort Zone 738 Eye shadow Palette


I love this eye shadow for many reasons, and the price is just one of them. It is full of neutrals and makes life easy for people who are new to applying eye shadows. My favorites are the bronze shade on the left, the reddish brown copper definer shade along the left, the dark sage green on the right as well as the goldish green shade on the right. I also like the blue duo chrome shadow on the bottom right but I don’t really wear blue eye shadow. It is actually very similar if not exactly the same shade as Macs blue brown pigment. All of the shades in here are very buttery and pigmented. They last all day over a primer and give me LIFE. I’m definitely obsessed with eye makeup so I love this palette. I travel everywhere with it, but I make sure I pack it properly because I know it can easily break. I have a lot of single mac eye shadows, but whenever I am in a hurry, I just reach out to this palette without even thinking, its that amazing!!!

I recommend this to people who love neutrals but want to experiment with a bit of color without being too over the top.


Nars Radiant Creamy concealer

IMG_0230 1

A good concealer is always a necessity. Sometimes I find that they are either too greasy or watery, both of which are never good. But this one is longwearing and very opaque; you don’t need to use much to cover up imperfections.

I use this as an under eye concealer and to highlight.  When I use it under my eyes, I always use a setting powder to help put it in place. I find that very few concealers work well under the eyes, but this one is an exception. I love it so much that I have it in 3 shades caramel my actual color then biscuit and ginger for highlighting…it’s the best concealer right now for me and I absolutely cant do without.


Anastasia Beverly hills Illuminator


These highlighters are amazing! Like I have always liked highlighters but struggled with getting one that was perfect for my skin tone, they were either too gold, too shimmery or just not right. But when I tried the shade Peach Nectar it was a match made in beauty heaven, I always wanted to go to bed with it daily lol…It’s so smooth and looks beautiful on my skin it doesn’t emphasize pores at all. It comes in 4 shades Starlight, So Hollywood, Peach Nectar and Rivera. They are all very pigmented, I am not a fan of strong obvious highlighters, but with these you can make a strong highlight or sheer it out to a subtle glow. They did an amazing job with these. It’s my Favorite highlighter for now.


Yves Saint Laurent Mascara

IMG_0232 1

I am obsessed with lashes I wear falsies most times when I have an event to attend but on a regular day I just use mascara. I love this mascara so much I’ve bought it at least 7 times in a row now. I have to say that it is one of the best mascaras that I have ever used.

The brush is not huge like many others but surprisingly it coats each lash very well, separates, lengthens and adds volume to lashes like no other. The fact that it doesn’t smudge, clump and make my lashes stick together is key for me. With this mascara I get all the volume that I need but my lashes still look neat and somewhat natural as opposed to the clumpy, sticky mess that most mascaras make. Another plus with this mascara is that it’s nicely buildable, it dries fast so you can apply coat after coat till you get the look that you desire.

The only downside to this mascara is that the tube dries out quite quickly, so you have to replace it quicker, this becomes expensive to use eventually, but with that being said its still my favorite and trust me I have tried almost everything. I will continue to repurchase for these reasons.

So these are mine feel free to tell me yours…..

Until next time xoxo


People write down New Year resolutions in a variety of categories, like health, happiness, family and so on….I feel like beauty should have its own category too. It’s my job to be beauty obsessed and I love it, but there are always areas of improvement for me, and maybe for you, too. I think there are a few things we all need to do more this new year…some of them are things that you have heard me say over and over again… but yes ill keep ringing it in your ears till it sinks in, and trust you will thank me later. These are the things I plan to do more in 2016

1. Wear sunscreen every single day: I’m pretty good with this, I never leave my house without sunscreen on my face…I use it underneath my makeup and then use my primer on top. I’m great with applying SPF on my face, and all over especially if I plan to spend long hours under the sun, but I need to be more aware of my neck and chest, and other sneaky areas, like my hands. Be sure to apply all year round, and also I need to learn to add an extra coat of sunscreen on my hands when I am getting a gel manicure because of the UV lights used to dry the nails.

2. Washing my makeup brushes: speaking of brushes ill like to mention their somewhat high maintenance nature. If you don’t wash your brushes regularly, not only are you leaving them open to bacteria, which leads to possibly breakouts, it also means that your brushes wont pick up pigment and work as well as it should. It can also be annoying and long but if you use a brush cleaner it is much easier and faster. So for me I’m setting a specific time (Sunday afternoon at 2pm) to do this chore every week. This gives me enough time to allow my brushes to dry naturally. Put a calendar reminder in your phone.

3. Being more adventurous with makeup (and hairstyles). It’s so easy to get into a makeup routine, but people like MakeupShyla do a great job of switching it up. Celebs on Instagram are a great inspiration for trying new things, gold eye shadow, bold red lips. Amrezy always mixes it up, glossy lips, matte, dark lips, Coloured eyeliner she isn’t afraid….. And why should she be? Its makeup she can wash it off!!!! I’m aiming to try more bold lipsticks, especially red, definitely going out of my comfort zone since I rocked nude lips mostly in 2015.

4. Book in for regular facials: Looking after your skin is a bit like looking after your teeth. While you may brush and floss regularly, you still need to see the dentist for a deep clean and check up. I have a fantastic facial routine and really good products I use on my skin, even though this might seem enough it just isn’t. I know that times are tough in this economy and it’s undeniably smart to cut back on extraneous purchases. However, this is my opinion on why a monthly facial is a good investment. Your skin is always on display and often has the power to dictate how good we feel about ourselves. Investing in proper skincare has a value that can be arguably more important than buying a new dress or going out to a fancy restaurant or even taking an expensive vacation (a facial is a mini-vacation). A facial will cleanse the pores on a much deeper level, Extractions/cleaning out the pores can help to maintain clear skin, stop acne formation, as well as can help to change the pore’s size. Often times left unchecked, pores can start to stretch and widen with the accumulation of oil and dirt. So I have decided to get a facial monthly.

5. Hair and Skin masks. Hair and skin masks are fun to use and make a huge difference for soft, shiny hair and clear skin. I really love the Dead Sea mud mask from pure body naturals at the moment. I love the way my skin feels after, its simply amazing. And I also love the Cantu hair masque, it leaves my hair moisturized and soft, I would use this once a month going forward. I would also like to apply a facemask once a week at a time that’s perfect for me.

6. Look after my natural nails: As ridiculous as it sounds, a manicure is one of the first things people will notice about your appearance, especially if you work in an office. For a while I have been using nail extensions and acrylic, while it looks beautiful it also makes my nails underneath very soft. I would like to take a break from nail extensions and grow my own nails. Strong, long and healthy!!! My nail inspiration is Ez from BIL her natural nails are amazing and ill like mine to look like hers some-day…hahahha.

These are my beauty resolutions ……please feel free to share yours with me below.

We all know Sunscreen is important, but do you know why?????

Sunscreen is known to be the most common way of protecting the skin against the harmful rays of sun. There are products that combine several ingredients that help prevent the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching the skin. Two types of ultraviolet radiation UVA and UVB, damage the skin, ages it prematurely, and increases the risk of skin cancer. As we live in a country where the weather is mostly sunny and very humid, I will bring forth all the details of sun protection I have learnt so far.
Some myths that need to be clarified
Regarding sunscreen and sun protection regime, there are two common myths that circulate which need to be made clear.
1. First of all, it is considered that sunscreen when applied, stops you from tanning (getting darker). I have often heard a lot of people say this and it is really not true. No matter how much sunscreen you wear if you are exposed to the sun for long hours, YOU WILL GET A TAN! Sunscreen/Sunblock only protects you from partial UVA/UVB rays, there is no sunblock that covers you 100% so if you don’t want to tan, stay out of the sun. Unfortunately that is the only way to do it, Sunscreen helps to prevent you from burning, not tanning.

2. The second myth is that people with dark skin don’t need sunscreen as they already have dark skin and tanning won’t be prominent. Well, dark skinned people need sunscreen and skin protection just like any other person. The sunscreen’s job is to stop the harmful rays from getting to the skin’s layers.
How does SPF stamped on Sunscreen work?
Most of us get confused with the SPF amount written on the sunscreen every now and then. The thing is that SPF, a sun-protecting factor, is a measure of a sunscreen’s ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. A good way to look at it is in terms of percentages, for example lets say SPF 15 filters out approximately 93% of all incoming UVB rays, SPF 30 keeps out 97% and SPF 50 keeps out 98%.
Choose the right sunscreen for your skin type
There are many good companies that are making sunscreens and when you see a number of different sun protections, you get confused and ask yourself which one to really use. So here are some tips to choose the right one for your skin.
1. If you have a combination/oily skin, choose the sunscreen that doesn’t make your skin oily, preferably one that is matte. On the other hand if you have dry skin, you need to get one that moisturizes your skin.
2. In all cases I recommend a broad-spectrum sunscreen offering protection against both UVA and UVB rays.
3. You can choose sunscreens in different forms; they come in creams, lotions, sprays and gel forms. Make sure you select the right type for you so it makes it easier to apply. My skin loves lotion, so I am always up for it.
4. If you are planning a holiday or a weekend outdoors, make sure to get sunscreens with higher SPF values and remember to reapply every 2hours.
With all this sunscreen information, you will be able to select one that serves you right. I personally use SPF-50 matte creams on my face because I have oily Tzones, and SPF 30 lotion on my body…oh and I stay away from the sun as much as I can.
Evaluate your skin type, and then choose something that suits you and makes you happy.
Remember be smart about when and how long you stay in the sun.

To get more beauty tips follow me on instagram @youtopiabeauty
Till next time xoxoxo


Review time!! Which one of the two is going to win the toss up: The Ben Nye Banana Powder or new Sasha Buttercup Setting powder. I am going to give my thoughts and opinions and you be the judge. For women who have not yet heard about the Buttercup Setting Powder, it is the newest setting powder from Sasha Cosmetics line. Because of the raving reviews about it, I of course had to try it out.

The Sasha cosmetic Buttercup powder is quickly winning hearts of makeup gurus and ordinary people alike. Formulated especially for exotic skin tones, this powder has properties that have got makeup gurus raving about it. The powder is fine milled, super soft, and feels velvety; it literally glides on your skin, softens the appearance of pores and fine lines, blends easily, can be used as a setting powder after foundation or concealer and does not look cakey. It is for everyday makeup wearers, it blends so well that you might as well want to replace other setting powders with Buttercup. It is perfect for setting medium to dark toned under-eye, or apply liberally all over the face, and stops the oil from coming through during the day. Buttercup is completely flash friendly, reduces shine, absorbs oil and keeps your face matte for hours.

sacha buttercup

Ben Nye Banana Powder is on the chalkier side, but is no doubt a beautiful powder. Ben Nye is more of a stage makeup, suitable for those who are professionals at blending. Moreover it looks better in images therefore the powder is better for photography purpose. It tends to look cakey or ashier when not blended properly, however it is great for under eye brightening as it sets the concealer without creasing.


Overall i think Buttercup has a softer touch and is more user friendly. The best part is that you won’t have to break the bank to purchase it. Ben Nye had been my favorite until I found Butter cup which definitely stole Ben Nyes place. The biggest plus is how beautifully it settles on my skin giving a flawless natural finish instead of the harsh yellow cast that Banana powder did. The bad part about Ben Nye was that it used to dry out my skin. My under eye area is quite dry with tiny creases, which I need to set properly. What I have noticed with Ben Nye is that the more I apply it the drier the area looked. So I highly recommend Sasha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder as an everyday use makeup accessory that makes your skin look super smooth and super glowy!

Until next time!


Written by: Enitan Agidee of the Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan in London.

This articule is to encourage parents to take better care of their little one’s hair.

I have been able to retain my 6-year-old daughter’s hair to tailbone length hair with the aid of great techniques and healthy hair care.

What exactly does great technique mean, you ask? Her hair is VERY dry as you can see more clearly on the ends of her hair in the Nov 2013 pic in comparison to a more moisturized and hydrated longer strands 3 months later.
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Know Your Skin Type before You Use Products!!!!

Do you know what your skin type is? And no, I don’t mean “fair??? or “dark???. I mean oily, dry, combination, Normal, etc? If you are like so many women out there, you probably have no idea what type of skin you really have.

All too many of us don’t know our skin type and that makes it really difficult when buying products. The majority of people only use a skincare product because their friend or someone recommended it. The problem with this is that everybody has different skin and your friend’s skin type may be the opposite of yours. This means that you can actually be causing more harm to your skin than helping it.
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Being a mom of three, I know how it feels having a few stretch marks here and there, and although I’ve had days where I feel hopeless about them, I’ve learnt to just manage and live with them.
Stretch marks seem to cause issues for many women out there for various reasons. What I think every woman should know about them is how they form, what causes them, and the different ways you can go about managing or getting rid of them.

What are they?
Stretch marks are long and narrow stripes or lines that are formed on your skin that have a scar-like appearance. People can get them just about anywhere on their body, but women tend to get them during pregnancy on their stomachs.
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Retinol and Retin A: The big Difference and Which One Your Skin Needs!!!!

One of the most important parts of a person’s body is their skin. This is why you find loads of products in the market that actually help women maintain younger looking skin. This assists in helping us avoid any signs of aging and other skin problems like acne and pimples. However, it is necessary that you are aware of the ingredients present in the product for you to identify if it is safe for your body or not. And believe you me, it is extremely important to know all that.

In order to help you find the right product for your skin, you need to test out various products and sometimes they come out right and sometimes they don’t. The best part is that you don’t need to experiment anymore. I have tried many products and I can safely tell you which products would or would not be best for you depending on your skin type. Let’s try and discuss two of the most popular products that are being used by most women, the retinol and the Retin A.
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